BAC Mesh Shelving

As with the BAC Long Span, BAC Mesh shelves can be adjusted in 60mm increments. The Mesh separators themselves can be adjusted in 50mm increments along the length of the mesh shelf. The modular and adjustable nature of each aspect of this system makes it perfect for compartmentalised storage of bulk hand-load items. As the mesh floors are mounted on top of the pallet beams they have a higher load-bearing capacity to long span shelves so large items requiring segregation from other items slide nicely into the compartments generated when mesh separators are used. The mesh separators come in heights of 650mm, 950mm and 1250mm to cater for large items.mesh shelving pg1

The “BAC 77” Mesh Shelving is a great way to store bulk hand-load items without blocking light and air-flow. The adjustable separators allow you to create individual storage locations along the shelf’s length.

mesh shelving pg2