Available in two standard heights of 2100mm and 2400mm, this modular racking system can be fitted with the exact number of shelves you need to create an efficient shelving system. Adding BAC Long Span Racking to your BAC 77 storage system will cater for all of your carton storage, your medium-to-large loose item storage, and your fast-moving temporary hand-load storage. BAC Long Span Shelving can easily be integrated with pallet racking and BAC Drawers so that, through these combinations, your complete inventory can be stored in the one system. The two available lengths of long span help layout planners to maximise the usage of the room, and shelves can be adjusted in 60mm increments to eliminate dead-space.Long span racking and shelving pg1

Long Span Shelving is an effective way to store bulk hand-load items. “BAC 77” Long Span comes in two different shelf lengths to fit any store.

Long span racking and shelving pg2