Computer Workstation

BAC Computer Workstation "CWS" Series

The BAC Computer Workstation is a mobile computer trolley designed to hold all of the equipment that you will need to be able to function anywhere within your workshop or factory. Of a heavy duty construction, the BAC Computer Workstation combines precision drawers, a clean stainless steel surface and ample shelf space to create a unit capable of storing computer towers, printers, a UPS, your keyboard and your monitor. Cable transmission holes are provided to ensure that full connectivity is maintained and a fly lead allows the complete system to be plugged in to a general outlet to power the computer. A PC Extraction Fan ensures that the internal cabinet is properly ventilated.

Having a mobile computer workstation allows you to take your office on to the floor so that you can be close to where activities occur. They can be set up as a control workstation for a machine, as a foreman’s workstation, as a teacher-supervisor’s lab station or as a diagnostic station in a workshop

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