DRA Module with Shelves

BAC Drawing Modules "DRA" Series

DRA modules with shelves

BAC Standard Loading Diagrams "DRA" Series

(available for optional 60, 180, 360 drawers)

DRA with shelves Loading Diagrams pg1DRA with shelves Loading Diagrams pg2

BAC DRA Modules with Shelves are a series of plan drawers and map drawer configuration that incorporate plain shelves to complement the drawer storage. Whereas the drawers are ideal for the flat storage of documents, artworks, maps, or plans, the shelves can then be used to store the equipment or consumables associated with these, such as, drawing equipment, rolls of paper, or surveying equipment.

The BAC DRA Modules with Shelves are available in heights of 2100mm and 1560mm, complete with open shelves above the drawers, or in heights of 1200mm and 840mm, with the shelf storage below the drawers and secured with lockable double doors.