BAC Modular Workplace and Storage Systems

BAC Systems – Industrial Storage Solutions

At the forefront of industrial design and manufacturing in Australia, BAC Systems produces some of the most innovative modular workplace furniture, drawer storage and racking systems in the world. Founded on almost 40 years of in-house design and research, all BAC modular systems are produced in our Western Sydney plant using locally-sourced high strength materials. 

With BAC’s experienced design team, any workshop layout or warehousing system can be designed, providing the ultimate user-experience and enhanced productivity.  To learn more about our workshop furniture and drawer systems range, or to request a complimentary set of catalogues or consultation with one of our Technical Sales Representatives, please select one of the links above.

Key Features of the BAC Modular Approach

BAC has some of the most innovative storage solutions for tools and spare parts, recognising that efficient tool and parts storage is one of the keys to an efficient workplace. We have developed a comprehensive range of drawer partitions and dividers, drawer bins and pegboard clips and toolbars to effectively store your tools and parts within our modular workbench, pegboard or drawer systems.

Warehousing is an industry that continually battles with the same issues: picking times, access to inventory, floor space and dust control. BAC Systems has developed multiple modular storage systems to address these challenges. With modular shelving, and our internationally recognised drawer storage cabinets with our patented dust control system, BAC can have you picking faster than before. BAC Drawers can be fitted with partitions and dividers to create a location for each component.

For large and palletised items requiring racking and shelving, the new “BAC 77” storage system is the most flexible solution available. “BAC 77” combines nine different storage methods into the single system. This one system can address each one of your spare parts storage system needs (such as racking, shelving, drawers) while concurrently improving the access to your stock.

The modern approach to industrial workshop layout or laboratory design seeks both a reliable benchtop as well as a superior modular storage system to complement it. Whether you are implementing a lean manufacturing system, or simply trying to ensure that you have enough storage for countless parts and tools, BAC Heavy Duty Workbenches with integrated storage systems are the first choice for Australian workplaces. There is a range of durable work surfaces to suit all industries and numerous accessories are available to enhance your BAC Workbench.