BAC Standard Modules "M" Series

  • Cabinet footprint 1010 mm wide x 575 mm deep.

  • Internal drawer dimensions 900 mm wide x 450 mm deep.

The BAC "M" Series of Drawer Storage Modules is a wide drawer system with shallow drawers requiring less travel distance to be fully open. This series is perfect for applications where quick and frequent access to a drawer will be required, such as a tool drawer. Made using precision manufacturing techniques and heavy gauge steels, the BAC "M" Series is popular in workshops, vehicles and in laboratories. The basic features are mounting points for forklift attachments or lifting eyes, integrated levelling feet, and a cylinder lock acting upon all of the drawers. Single Drawer Locks can be added to each drawer to ensure that, even if unlocked, no drawers will open without the operator disengaging the lock, especially important for vehicles, trolleys and other mobile applications.

Standard Modules M pg 1

Standard Modules M pg 2

BAC Standard Loading Diagrams "M" SERIES

Standard loading diagrams M Intro

BAC Standard loading diagrams are selected from frequently used configurations. They are specified at the time of order and are fitted at the factory to supply drawers that are ready for loading on delivery. An expert advisory service is available to assist with the appropriate selections. All partitioning material can also be supplied individually for end-user installation (details on catalogue pages A1.20 + A1.21).

Standard loading diagrams M 1Standard loading diagrams M 2

Standard Partitioning Sets M