BAC Drawer Storage Cabinet - M Series

As with all BAC Cabinets, the ‘M’ Series is constructed from heavy gauge steel, with large roller bearings, a multi-drawer locking system and adjustable levelling feet as standard. The ‘M’ Series cabinet offers wide drawers that have a shallow draw of 450 mm,  making these ideal for use in warehouses with drawers and shelves. The short draw also makes them a good choice for a toolbox.
‘M’ Series drawers are robust and are regularly used for small parts storage in warehouses. If you have lots of tools, or a large inventory of spare parts, the ‘M’ Series modular cabinets should be the first choice you consider.

BAC M Series Cabinet Footrpints and Drawer Sizes

Standard Cabinet Configurations - M Series

(Contact BAC Systems for custom cabinet configurations)

BAC Drawer Storage Cabinets - Type M (1)

BAC Drawer Storage Cabinets - Type M (2)

Drawer Loading Diagrams - M Series

BAC Drawer Loading Diagrams Type M  - Drawer Partitions and Drawer Dividers