1. Prices include delivery, via general postage, to all major regional outlets. If you live in a remote region, please nominate the General Post Office in your local regional centre as your “care-of’ address when you submit your order. Delivery will take between 7 and 15 working days. If you still have not received your purchase within this time frame, please contact us URGENTLY
  2. BAC Systems will only deliver Product if delivery is nominated in the quote-specific terms.
  3. Delivery charges are dependent upon the location of the Buyer and the size and value of the Product to be delivered.
  4. Delivery is not available on any Purchase where a full Reseller Discount has been applied.
  5. When standard delivery is charged, a third-party freight carrier will deliver the Product.
  6. When standard delivery is charged, customers will be required to unload the delivery vehicle using their own Forklift Truck and their own Forklift Driver. If a customer agrees to a delivery date but does not arrange a forklift, they will be invoiced for any additional delivery charge if a delivery vehicle is turned away.
  7. If the customer does not have a Forklift Truck, an additional surcharge is payable in order that the Product can be delivered using a truck with rear tail-lift. It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify BAC Systems, prior to their Purchase, if they do not have a forklift truck.
  8. Tail-Lift delivery trucks will not be able to deliver all items due to size restrictions. As such special arrangements will be required. These arrangements must be part of the negotiations prior to the submission of a Purchase Order. Should it come to pass that a Buyer neglects to notify BAC Systems of its lack of forklift, and the Product ordered is too large for Tail-Lift, then the Buyer will need to secure a forklift at its own cost to allow a delivery to occur.
  9. The customer must provide adequate street-front access or a suitable loading-dock or yard for the delivery process. Any customer who cannot provide such conditions and still approves a delivery schedule will be invoiced for any additional delivery charge if a delivery vehicle is turned away.