BAC Systems Production Video
BAC House Chapel Video

Founded in 1977, BAC Systems commenced designing and manufacturing workshop and storage equipment, striving to maintain the highest levels of quality and innovation. Now, BAC Systems' constantly expanding product range is at the forefront of modular workplace and storage systems development throughout the world. All inventions and innovations developed at BAC Systems are protected through patents and design registrations where applicable (Bachmann Innovations Pty Limited). The name 'BAC' is the abridged version for the family name of BAChmann.

BAC Systems was established in Sydney and is now run from an 11,000 m² custom-built factory in Glendenning. Here, the entire product range is produced from inception in the research and development offices through to manufacture, assembly and dispatch. High-volume production on site enables BAC Systems to provide the end user with a world-class Australian Made product together with excellent value and service. Astute innovation, quality and production control are hallmarks of BAC Systems.

The BAC Systems workplace is unique in the fact that it has its own private chapel on site. All workers are given the opportunity to participate in the daily monastic hour, instigated with approval of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta under the spiritual direction of Fr. Christopher Sharah FSF. In this way all employees are afforded the opportunity to integrate work with prayer, should they so choose.

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