BAC 77 Series – Racking, Shelving and Drawer Storage

The “BAC 77” Series storage system is a racking and shelving system that also incorporates many different types of industrial drawers to form a flexible hybrid storage system. The BAC 77 structure, formed by sturdy uprights and beams, can be outfitted with many different combinations of long span shelving, steel shelves, heavy-duty drawers, pallet drawers, hose drawers, vertical drawers, mesh frame drawers and hanging rails. This modular industrial system allows you to layout your warehouse or stores more efficiently as this single system can accommodate all your storage requirements. This system can even be designed to fit our range of high-density drawers for your small parts! Whether it is a single modular bay or a complete warehouse fit-out, you will be impressed with the endless possible combinations that the BAC 77 Series can allow. Read below for more information about each key aspect.

Long Span Shelving

For a flexible Industrial Shelving solution, you can’t go past the BAC Long Span Shelving system. This heavy duty shelving system can be fitted with either a timber shelf or a mesh deck shelf with wiremesh separators. This longspan shelving can be integrated with the BAC Pallet Rack into a single bay, creating a hybrid industrial racking system with many potential benefits for warehouse operators.

Pallet Drawers

The horizontal storage of heavy items can result in handling problems in conventional storage racking; however, the BAC Pallet Drawer addresses this with safety in mind. Heavy, palletised items can be loaded onto the BAC Pallet Drawer using a forklift. These heavy duty drawers can then be opened so that an overhead crane can lift individual items off the pallet. With two available handling methods, safe access to your inventory is always possible.

Art Storage

BAC Art Rack comes in different widths and is suitable for the vertical storage of framed artworks. Whereas conventional painting storage racks require special hooks and wires, the BAC art storage system incorporates the patented BAC Display Holder, a moulded bracket which attaches to the mesh of the mobile art rack frame and gently clamps the artwork in place. BAC Art Rack is modular and thus can be easily reconfigured within the art store to suit a changing collection.

Retractable Storage Rail

The BAC Retractable Storage Rail is a unique product designed to offer suspended storage to items that are bulky, long, or just simply too awkward for shelf storage. This kind of hang up storage is suitable for items such as canoes and bicycles, museum artefacts, exhaust systems and defence torpedoes. The BAC Retractable Rail rolls out on precision heavy duty bearings, and can be fitted with multiple hooks. These hooks can be positioned anywhere along the length of the rail, and rails can be positioned anywhere along the mounting beam, making this a truly customisable suspension storage system.

Hose Drawers

BAC Hose Drawers are the leading solution for the storage of hydraulic hose stock. Hose storage can either be on a reel or in a flat coil. Hose reels can be placed on the drawer-mounted hose rack and the required hose length is unwound through a guide, keeping your hoses tidy. Hoses supplied loose can be stored flat on a turntable which clamps the hose, making the removal of a small length a tidy process.