Museums and Art Galleries can now install this modular storage racking system in any of their artwork stores, whether small or large, as there is a size to suit all applications. As the system is modular, it can be adapted to suit changes in the collections, with the ability to add additional retractable Art Racks to an existing bay, or new complete bays to the end of an existing row. The BAC Art Rack can also be considered for heritage buildings as the cantilevered retractable Art Racks do not require floor tracks or ceiling connections to operate.Art storage pg1

Featuring a frame on a heavy duty runner system, the “BAC 77” Series of Art Storage Racks can be configured for all your vertical artwork, automotive and large flat storage requirements. The frame, fitted with a sturdy mesh wall, can readily mount large, flat items, for display. Using BAC’s unique clip-in Display Holder, flat items can be secured to the face of the frame, regardless of their external dimensions. Alternatively, the “BAC 77” Retractable Storage Rack can be fitted with a spool mounting system, capable of supporting rolls of flooring or other materials.

Art storage pg2