BAC "DR1" Series Storage Modules

The modules are precision engineered and are made of heavy gauge steel. All modules are supplied with a patented central locking system and four adjustable leveling feet.

All modules are fitted with a cylinder lock acting on all drawers, which is available with master-keying or keyed alike on request.

Optional shelves type 'DR 1' 1410 mm wide x 1060 mm deep 250 kg capacity each.

DR1 LOADING DIAGRAMS PG2BAC "DR1" Series Drawer Loading diagrams

The Drawer is designed with slotted sidewalls and perforated drawer floors to fit adjustable partitions and dividers, toolbars and BAC partitioning screws and map dividers

The drawer runners are fitted with precision steel ball bearings for durability and have built-in safety stops, with side guides.

The handle serves as a label holder, with removable label and endcaps.DR1 LOADING DIAGRAMS PG1DR1 LOADING DIAGRAMS PG2