The BAC Plan and Art Storage Modules are a range of plan drawers of various sizes that store large and flat items. These large drawers are of similar construction to the BAC Industrial Drawers, with precision bearings, high-strength metal construction and perforated drawer bases. The shallow depths and large sizes make them ideal as paper and artwork drawers.

The smaller sizes (the DRA and the DR1 Drawers) are suitable for use as map drawers, being designed for the storage of posters or paper. Catering for A1 paper and A0 paper sheet sizes, these paper drawers protect documents, keeping them flat and safely away from damaging ultraviolet light. Either system is fantastic for school art departments, drafting offices, cartography offices, or private art studios.

For the horizontal storage of framed artworks the oversized drawers in the BAC Large Art Drawers can be used, catering for large items of up to 2250mm x 1800mm in size. Most commonly used as museum drawers or in art galleries, these large artwork drawers can hold anything from paintings to complete uniforms and large artefacts. These large drawers roll out with smooth precision and can all be locked with a single central locking system.