BAC Wall Storage Systems

frontcoverpicThe latest addition to the BAC Systems range of products provides for the professionally-arranged storage of tools,
spare parts, nuts and bolts and other items on a wall. This Australian innovation incorporates five distinctive types of
panels that can be used individually or together for a variety of applications, including:


Tool Storage Panel
Pegboard Panel
Hang Up Storage Panel
Small Parts Storage Panel
Mixed Panel Kit


All panels are supplied with two supports for anchoring to the wall. Each panel is also supplied with the relevant
partitioning materials, allowing layouts to be individualised by selecting portioning material as shown on page W1.8.

Designed and made in Australia, only the highest quality local steels are used for the perforated storage panels. All
plastic mouldings are composed of ABS recyclable plastics. The modular design of the BAC Wall Storage Panelling
allows for extending the workspace in any direction at any time, offering high density storage on any wall with
nearlylimitless possibilities.The standard length of each panel is 950 mm, with optional lengths of 650, 1050 and
1250mm for odd sizes only.

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