Special Tools Modules

Specialty Modules and Tool Storage


AC Drawer Storage is the ideal workshop storage solution for Automotive Special Tools. BAC Systems customises the storage solution to be an exact fit for the special tools required in your workshop. With a dedicated drawer location, a tool of any shape or size simply sits in its location tidily, unique and independent from all of the other tools. This makes it easier to locate the correct tool for the job. In the Australian Automotive industry drawer storage for special tools is quickly becoming the new standard as it saves time, protects tools and requires less storage space than alternative methods. BAC Special Tool Drawers can be combined in tall storage modules to minimise the required footprint, or can be positioned underneath a benchtop to create a dedicated work area.

BAC currently has ready-made solutions for Volkswagen, Skoda, Jaguar and Land Rover, Volvo and Audi, where location sizes exactly fit each tool and there is no space wastage. Whether you represent one of these brands, or are looking for a solution for a different brand not mentioned, contact our BAC Technical Sales Team so that we can provide you with the most space efficient Special Tool storage solution available.