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BAC Storage Modules (Green)

A-Series and M-Series. A new level of high-density storage to maximise space. Now with new Dust Control and Code Locking systems.

BAC Workplace Systems (Blue)

A modularised concept in workplace design for workshops, tool stores, laboratories, classrooms, automotive and heavy duty repair workshops.

BAC Trolleys and Mobile Workstations (Silver)

Mobile BAC Equipment for the Modern Workplace.

BAC Art and Display Modules (Red)

A refined drawer storage concept for the viewing and storing of art and objects.

BAC Storage Equipment for warehouses and stores (Gold)

A modular concept for sustainable storage solutions.

BAC Automotive Workstations (Dark Blue)

A modularised fully integrated workplace system for the vehicle servicing industries.

BAC Wall Storage (Orange)

The all new BAC Wall Rack is a panelized storage concept. It provides storage solutions for tools on specially designed toolbars.

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