BAC Drawer Storage Cabinet - W Series

BAC “W” Series Cabinets are our widest engineering drawer and are designed to offer an effective solution for long and bulky items, which can’t be stored in the “A” series.

Perfect for tubing, wiper blades, long samples, PPE or any long or slender inventory item up to 1200 mm, the BAC “W” series offers you reliable strength and longevity.

For awkward warehouses with irregular aisle lengths, combining “W” Series with “A” Series and “B” Series cabinets will result in the most effective use of the available space, gaining you use of as much of the available storage volume as possible.

W Series Cabinet Footprint and Drawer Dimensions


Standard Cabinet Configurations - W Series

(Contact BAC Systems for custom cabinet configurations)

BAC Drawer Storage Cabinets - Type W

Drawer Loading Diagrams - W Series

BAC Drawer Loading Diagrams Type W - Drawer Partitions and Drawer Dividers