BAC PARTITIONS are constructed of pressed steel, with slots to fit adjustable dividers every 25 mm, providing maximum versatility in drawer configurations.

DRAWER HOOKS secure the partitions to the drawer floor.

BAC DIVIDERS are molded of toughened ABS plastic and fit into slots on partitions and drawer walls.

SINGLE DRAWER LOCKS (SDL) are a spring-loaded safety device that is recommended for all modules being used in mobile applications, such as service vehicles or ships.

The metal latch needs to be operated manually in order to release the drawer, preventing accidental opening of the drawers while the module is unlocked.

partitions and dividers for all drawers

Plastic Bins for Drawers

BAC supplies a range of plastic bins for its 60mm, 90mm and 120mm drawers. These plastic tubs come in various sizes and all have an integrated label flange at the rear. The advantage of having BAC parts bins in your drawers is that you can remove a whole plastic drawer container, full of parts, for the purpose of working with those parts at a separate location.

plastic bins and parts

Perforated BAC Drawers Partitioning Materials

All BAC Tool Drawers have perforated steel bases. BAC supplies a range of toolbars and tool clips that can be specially anchored to this perforated base to create an ordered drawer layout. Your tools can be laid-out in the drawer using the BAC Partitioning Posts and Partitioning Screws, and the Tool Clips can hold the screwdrivers. The BAC Spanner Holder brackets will store up to 16 spanners, and Sockets and ratchets can be laid out on the specially-made socket toolbars which anchor securely to the drawer base. Even CNC taper tools can be accommodated using the special BAC CNC Tool Holders, which, when mounted in a drawer, can store up to 24 CNC tools in a Type A360 Drawer.

Perforated BAC Drawers Partitioning Materials