Strip Down Benches, perfect for any automotive Workshop

automotive strip down benchautomotive strip down bench 2

A BAC Strip Down Bench is a strong mobile workbench with tool drawers and a large drawer for component storage. This useful workshop bench, also known as a tear down bench, can be used for Engine or Transmission strip-down and repair. If the job is going to require more than a single shift, the components can simply be picked up and placed in the large drawer to be securely stored until parts arrive the following day to complete the repairs.

Modern mechanical workshops are high-flow environments with each mechanic required to meet output targets. When a major overhaul of a vehicle is required, a car is left to one side or a breakdown bay is used so as not to interrupt the general flow of vehicles coming in for a basic service. The BAC Strip Down Bench facilitates this need by allowing larger components to be moved aside and locked away while not being worked upon. This frees up mechanics and their work bays for other work while a job is being put on hold. A Strip Down Bench gives you options and flexibility.