BAC Drawer Storage Cabinets are one of the most effective ways to store your workshop tools and parts. BAC Drawer Modules are Australian made and are internationally recognised as the choice for strong and efficient workshop storage and tool drawers.

Workplace managers need look no further than BAC Tool Cabinets and Parts Storage Drawers for solutions that help you maintain order and increase the efficiency of your workshops and laboratories. BAC Drawers are a carefully engineered tool box that dramatically decreases your storage footprint but maintains the load-bearing capacity of a shelf through the use of precision bearings and high yield-strength steels.

This modular drawer system will also increase your working efficiency. Items are stored in partitioned drawers, adjustable in width and depth to suit the compartment’s contents. Drawer heights can also be selected to suit your inventory. Similarly, the cabinets themselves come in a wide range of heights and footprints, with shelves and cabinet doors also available.

Modular tool storage becomes highly efficient with BAC Drawers as you are able to select the cabinet size and the number and size of the drawers within the cabinet. BAC Tool Drawer Cabinets can be configured to fit beneath benches, on vehicles and trailers, or free-standing in the laboratory or warehouse. The links above show some of our most popular configurations.