"Kagoma" Orphanage 

The Kagoma Orphanage is situated in Western Uganda, about 120 km West of Fort Portal. It was established in 2010 and is currently caring for 150 children. The Orphanage is next to the newly established Trade School.

Saint Klaus Trade School, Uganda

The newly built St. Klaus Trade School caters for 410 students. The life at the school begins at the Adoration Chapel where the Most Holy Sacrament is adored day and night. With over 30 staff members including priests and sisters, the school teaches the students in agriculture, catering and home economics, brickwork and metal fabrication, hairdressing, tailoring and knitting amongst others. The Patron of the school is St. Niklaus von Flue (Saint Klaus). A new health care centre is currently under construction at the same site. The students of agriculture take care of the farm animals like cattle, pigs, chickens and bees. Vegetable gardens, banana plantations and millet farming compliments the sister farm.

"Sister Chapels", Uganda

Two new Parish Centres, one finished and the other nearing completion, have been established. A total of twelve Adoration Chapels have been built throughout Western Uganda, with Adoration all day and night. One of the Chapels is overlooking Lake Albert. The People of Uganda embrace Adoration with great Love. The Adoration Chapels have become a place of refuge and healing for refugees, orphans and locals alike. Through adoration their life is revealed and healed, and by the Grace of God it's Love and Youth measured.