The BAC 77 Heavy Duty Drawer is available in two sizes. The general purpose Heavy Duty Drawer (Type 77) has a usable storage footprint of 1260 x 655mm. A larger drawer (Type 154) is also available, with an actual storage footprint of 1260 x 1410mm, which is large enough to store a full sized pallet! Warehouses and manufacturing facilities can now benefit from this heavy-duty alternative to racking. Workplaces will operate more smoothly as the need for regular forklift access is minimised through use of the BAC Heavy Duty Drawer. A bustling factory can store heavy press tools, punches, dies or rollers while a warehouse may store break-out pallets which may require ready access to all sides. The timber base in the drawer will protect the surface of anything being stored.

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The “BAC 77” Heavy Duty Drawer is a practical enhancement to any store or tool room. These sturdy drawers are designed to bare loads of up to 500 kg evenly loaded. The drawers can be loaded either using a forklift or an overhead crane giving you operational flexibility. When used to store bulk quantities, hand picking is made easier by simply opening the drawer. The ergonomic handle and the dedicated drawer latch compliment the strength and smoothness of the large roller bearings.
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