BAC Drawing and Map Storage Modules "DRA" Series

BAC DRA Series of Plan Drawers is a modular storage unit made up of drawers that are suitable for A1 Paper Storage. These drawers have a usable drawer height of 60mm. There are five different variations of the DRA Series cabinets that reflect the different heights available.

For technical drawing offices, art studios, or cartography offices, where map drawers are required, the BAC DRA Drawers can be divided up into different standard sheet sized locations (A4, A3, A2, A1 etc.) using the BAC Cross, ‘T’, and ‘I’ dividers. When different sheet size combinations are required, using these dividers can create a tidy and ordered document storage system.

BAC DRA Series modules are available in heights of 660mm, 840mm, 1020mm, 1200mm and 1560mm.

BAC Systems - DRA Series Modules

BAC Standard Loading Diagrams "DRA" Series

BAC Systems - DRA Series Standard Drawer Loading Diagrams