BAC Automotive Workstations are enhancing mechanics workshops and service departments across Australia and New Zealand. BAC Automotive Workstations are a mechanic’s workbench with integrated storage, providing a location for all of the day-to-day tools, parts and consumables that a mechanic will require. Not only are these units attractive and professional but they also increase the productivity in the workshop.

It is true that the modern high-volume automotive service centre has become an extension to the showroom with an increased focus on customer service. The polished clean lines of the showroom are now being transferred into the workshop and the BAC Automotive Workstation has become the means to achieve this. These Automotive Workstations are uniform in appearance and come with streamlined modules which can incorporate embedded services. A build-up of clutter is a thing of the past as there are adequate storage locations for everything.

To help you properly plan your workshop fit out, a BAC Technician is available to visit your site to undertake a complimentary survey. This will determine how much storage you require, your benchtop lengths and height configurations, and how to integrate the automotive workbench with your services, such as Air, Oil and Water. Where an automotive tool box is required BAC Trolleys can also be seamlessly integrated into the system, offering mechanics a portable workbench.

Ask your BAC Technical Sales Representative about our pre-established range of Special Tools Modules. With fully ratified storage solutions available for the special tools of many of the major car brands, you will find the BAC Specialty Modules the most efficient means for special tool storage.