Art Storage

The BAC Display Holder is a purpose-built art clamp, able to anchor large artworks securely against the mesh of the BAC Art Rack. The Display Holder comes in three sizes, and the clamp can be adjusted to suit the thickness of the painting.

The Adjustable Arms are a plated steel cantilever pin generally mounted in the rear of a BAC Drawer Module or in a bay of BAC 77 racking. The adjustable arms can be used to hold reels or coils and can be readily repositioned along their mounting bracket, giving the user the flexibility to create a custom storage layout.

The Wiremesh Hooks will attach to any BAC Storage product with a Wiremesh Backwall. These are a handy solution to storing just about any small to medium tool or part that requires hanging. The hooks are very strong and can be easily located anywhere along the mesh.