BAC Flightline Toolboards Mobile Tool Display Units

BAC Flightline Toolboards are a tool storage system that offer the end-user a means to quickly secure and account for their displayed components and tools through its use of robust transparent roller shutters.

Tools can be distributed about the BAC Toolrack Panels similarly to a traditional shadow board or pegboard. This unit can offer up to a massive 7.4m² of pegboard storage!

BAC Flightline Toolboards are available as single-sided or double sided, and are supplied with a BAC Partitioning Kit, consisting of Partitioning Screws, Partitioning Parts, Spanner Holders, Toolbars and Toolclips.

BAC Flightline Toolboards come complete with a Heavy-Duty castor set.flightline pg1

BAC Flightline Toolboards - Size Table