BAC A Series Drawer Storage Cabinet with Dust Control 

BAC has developed an innovative upgrade for its “A” series cabinet - BAC Dust Control Drawers. While regular drawers have some protection against dust, busy warehouses in dusty environments still have dust to contend with. BAC Dust  Control Drawers reduce the amount of dust getting onto your parts even further, making this issue far more manageable. When a drawer is opened, dusty air is sucked into the cabinet and settles downwards. A BAC Dust Control Drawer is fitted with a rigid screen that completely seals the top of the drawer when closed but does not hinder access or vision to the drawer’s contents when it is opened.

BAC Dust Control Cabinet Footprint and Drawer Dimensions


Standard Cabinet Configurations - A Series with Dust Control

(Contact BAC Systems for custom cabinet configurations)

BAC Drawer Storage Cabinets - with Dust Control

Drawer Loading Diagrams - A Series

BAC Drawer Loading Diagrams Type A - Drawer Partitions and Drawer Dividers