Combi Shelving with Toolrack

BAC Combi Shelving is an industrial shelving system that can also be configured with Toolrack Panels, a steel pegboard system. This flexible storage solution is ideal for workshop tool storage. A selection of partitioning pins and toolbars are available for the BAC Toolrack Panel.

Large tool stores can combine the shelving and toolrack within the BAC Combi to configure their store into a tool-display store. This system recognises that many tools, such as power tools, are just too large to be stored upon shadow board, as well as acknowledging that storing small hand tools on a shadow board instead of a shelf is more efficient. When using Combi with Toolrack tools are quickly found and it is easy to tell if a tool is missing. To outfit your tool stored with BAC Combi with Toolrack Panel, contact our BAC Technical Sales Team to arrange a complimentary site visit and survey.