BAC Modular Workbenches and Storage – A Flexible Fit for Any Workplace

BAC Systems has been manufacturing industrial workshop and storage equipment in Australia for nearly 40 years now, and in this time we have seen the changing needs of workshops, laboratories and warehouses.

australian astronomical observatory 2

australian astronomical observatory 2

One of the reasons that BAC equipment is used so prolifically across nearly every industry sector is that it is so easy to configure the BAC range into a system that meets all of your functional needs in the most efficient way possible.

The secret to this is the fact that BAC Storage Systems are modular. The modular concept is a key aspect of our range and the team of BAC Technicians and Design Engineers carefully integrate this modularity in all new product development to ensure this timeless element is always part of our award winning range.

The modular concept means that each BAC unit can be considered a building block for a greater, complete system. This is evident in some of our recent projects. For the Australian Astronomical Observatory in Northern Sydney, different BAC Storage Modules and Workbenches were combined together to form a functional storage systems that fit ergonomically into their existing stores and laboratories, preventing them from outgrowing their facility. Similarly, at the Gladstone LNG Facility operated by Santos, BAC Combined a series of tall warehouse BAC Storage Modules with a series of BAC Workstations to create a very functional combined workshop/warehouse with quick access to parts near to where they will be used. In each instance this was only possible because each element of the BAC Modular range can interact with the other in such an efficient way that the resulting BAC Modular System is a true enhancement for the workplace.

To learn more about how the BAC range of Modular Workshop and Storage Equipment can enhance your own workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact our BAC Technical Sales team on 02 9832 2777.