Drawer Storage units featuring drawer cabinets

Complete drawer storage units featuring drawer cabinets and protected shelf storage from BAC Systems

BAC high density Drawer Storage unit

BAC high density Drawer Storage unit

The next generation of drawer storage units from BAC Systems feature award-winning design integrating drawer cabinets with shelving and dust prevention. The Australian Design Award-winning drawer system incorporates slotted sidewalls for drawer subdivision and perforated drawer floors for pegboard-style separation of irregularly-shaped parts.

Highly sensitive parts are protected in BAC drawers, which are supplied with a protective acrylic shield ideal for managing dust and contamination in busy mining workplaces. Larger parts can be safely stored on shelves fitted with dust shield curtains. The robust features and advanced design adapt well to mining and industrial environments complementing a streamlined and modern parts store. All BAC drawer storage units are endorsed by Standards Australia (Lic. No. 85253).

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