High-Quality Workbenches With Storage

, by Fabio Camatti

Automotive Workshop fitted with BAC Systems High-Quality Workstations

Automotive Workshop fitted with BAC Systems High-Quality Workstations

BAC Systems offers a variety of functional workbenches and workstations designed to suit your working needs, whether it be for trade, a laboratory, classrooms or a workshop. 

How to choose the right workbench for you

BAC Workbenches and Workstations are available in a variety of options to suit your personal needs. Due to the modular design, you can build your customised workstation using our range of benchtops, storage cabinets, shelving and accessories so that the resulting workbench is perfectly suited to your workspace, your inventory and the way that you wish to work. The following are a few of the key factors to consider when making your choice.

Mobile or Fixed

BAC Workbenches can be configured to be either fixed or mobile, and you should consider your environment and the way you wish to work in order to help you choose.

BAC Workbenches are robust and can be both levelled to allow for a low slab and anchored to the ground to ensure they don’t move under load. A fixed bench is best suited to scenarios where you will need to mount a vice on the benchtop, or where you have defined work locations.

BAC bac-laboratory-workstations-material-hardness.png

BAC Laboratory Workstations

BAC Mobile Workbenches and Workstations are available in lengths of up to 2020mm and are the ideal heavy-duty solution when you have a site that is used for multiple tasks (such as a classroom or a fabrication workshop). Before choosing a mobile workbench, you will need to consider the ability to manoeuvre the benches around your workshop, what storage requirements each module will need to accommodate, and how the height of the wheels affects the height of your work surface and your available storage.

Benchtop Surface Material

A BAC Benchtop is available to suit most workshop and laboratory applications. Our standard range includes the practical Stainless-Steel benchtop, which can be chosen for anything from a laboratory to a mechanic’s shop. On the other end of the spectrum is the visually pleasing BAC Euro-beech Benchtop which, as a hardwood, is a good all-rounder for workshops and classrooms, having excellent strength and a warm, attractive appearance.

If you need a clean, hard surface, BAC offers a compact laminate benchtop which is a market-leading 25mm thick, offering our customers the expected strength of a BAC Benchtop combined with the clean finish necessary for laboratories and teaching environments.

If your workshop is an industrial workplace, you will need a durable surface that can absorb impacts. BAC Systems offers a strong heavy-duty benchtop that is made up of a thick, high-grade sheet of galvanised steel formed over a 40mm compressed timber core.

Also available is an antistatic upgrade kit, complete with ESD mat and grounding kit. If you work in an electronic environment or need to establish an electrostatically protected area (EPA), this kit will modify your workstation into an electronics lab, with a resistance to ground (RTG) of 1 Mega Ohm.

Shelving and Drawers

The type of shelving available can have a significant impact on your productivity and efficiency. When choosing a BAC workstation, consider what tools and equipment need to be in your reach. Drawers are suitable for small accessories and tools, while shelving helps you have visibility of tools within reach.

There are many factors to consider, but we also recommend you ask yourself these questions before deciding on a model.

What is the extent of your work?

Do you use loud drilling tools? Do you need to work with multiple tools in a short period? What accessibility will you need when working? All these questions will help you establish the specifics your workstation should have.

Do you need to move around?

If you work with multiple projects or have various elements in the process, what versatility will you need? With many moving parts, it may be necessary that you have a moving workbench, or if you need to organise your office, then a fixed bench could help you set up projects appropriately.

How many people will use your workbench?

If it’s a one-person job, a simple workstation should suffice, but if you have multiple people working on different elements, or have contractors or part-time workers coming in and out, you’ll want to consider this when setting up your workspace. This will help to ensure clarity in direction and organisation of your bench. You will need to consider storage volume required, security and the availability of services, such as power and lighting.

Personalisation of your Workstation

In order to get the most out of your workstation for years to come, specifying the correct configuration is the most critical part of the BAC selection process. Listed above are some of the considerations and choices a customer will need to consider, but there are many more not listed. BAC Systems offers complimentary consultation with our in-house sales and engineering team to assist in personalising your workbench configuration. This may include a site visit, concept drawings or surveys of your inventory. BAC Systems is committed to helping you achieve a Workbench with Storage that is a perfect fit for you, our valued customer. 

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BAC Systems have been building work storage solutions and workstations since 1977, establishing a highly trusted name in the industry. We design and manufacture products with thorough research, function, and customer need in mind, ensuring that our products offer you long-lasting use. If you would like to find out more about our range or need support in a custom workstation, reach out to us today.

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