Lean Manufacturing Solutions Using BAC Drawer Modules and Workbenches

The growing trend in the Australian workplace is to adopt Lean Manufacturing systems in order to minimise production costs and to add better quality control to the manufacturing process.

lean manufacturing techniques

lean manufacturing techniques

Companies have been shifting to systems, such as the 5S System (Sort, Systemise, Sanitise, Standardise and Sustain), thus increasing their output and decreasing their costs, wastage, lead time and workplace hazards.
A BAC Systems workplace solution offers workers a customisable system to assist them in establishing their Lean Manufacturing protocol. A BAC Workbench offers the user clean surfaces of various heights. These can be combined with a BAC Drawer Storage Module, providing the right storage for the parts and tools needed for the work location. A BAC Workshop or Warehouse Solution is fully integratable with a 5S workplace in the following ways:

  • Sort – BAC Workbenches and Drawer Storage Modules are workplace tools, used to store and display your stock and equipment. By simply opening a drawer you can get an instant understanding of what is stored inside, helping prevent a build-up of unwanted stock.
  • Systemise – A BAC Drawer Storage Module is fully modular, meaning it can be modified to suit any particular system. Customisation can occur through the selection of drawer height and the size of the locations within the drawer. You only need to have enough drawer locations to store the items you need, ensuring that you don’t have empty locations that can be used to store unnecessary parts.Hasting Deerings wprkshop
  • Shine – The modular BAC workshop equipment is designed so that a unique location can be created for everything. This will encourage items to be returned to their locations, rather than being left lying around, as the location is right there in your work bay, rather than across the workshop!
  • Standardise – BAC Benchtop-mounted Toolboards, along with a correctly partitioned BAC Drawer Storage Module are tools in establishing and maintaining a standardised workplace. Once set-up it will never have to change, and the longevity of the BAC Equipment guarantees consistency for the workers.
  • Sustain – as with all systems, workers will need discipline to maintain all of the above steps, however, the ease of operation and the proven longevity of BAC equipment never give any opposition to the worker.

Rapid growth and limited real estate opportunities have seen a rise in workplaces operating within a constrained space. BAC High-Density Drawer Storage Modules are the space-saving solution of the 21st Century, being “building blocks” to create space-saving warehouses with large capacity storage for small parts and tools in the same units. They are stackable, fastened top to base, side to side and back to back for complete stability. With a personal picking machine capable of elevation, drawers are as easily and quickly accessible 3 metres above ground as they are at floor level.

For further lean manufacturing solutions for your workplace please contact the BAC technical sales team on +61 2 9832 2777.