Upgrades Keep Australian Manufacturer at the Forefront of Tooltrolley Design

Long-considered the industry standard in Mobile Tool Storage, the BAC Tooltrolley range has now lifted this standard to a new height through the addition of new features and a range of optional upgrades designed to enhance the easy functionality and durability of the BAC Tooltrolley.

BAC systems tool trolley

BAC systems tool trolley

It’s no wonder that these Australian Made Tooltrolleys have recently been awarded the Standards Australia Golden Award.

The Steel Traytop with a Rubber mat, standard on all BAC Tooltrolleys, means that you can take your workbench with you. A Stainless Steel Traytop is also available for oily environments, such as in the automotive industry, and an optional 3” Dawn Vice can be included to ensure that your BAC Tooltrolley has the full functionality of a workbench.

BAC supplies its Tooltrolleys with the optional BAC Codelock Keyless System, which is an electronic lock with a keypad that allows you to do away with your keys and all of the problems associated with them. The BAC Codelock can ensure secure access to your tools with no fuss.Heavy-Duty 125mm Diameter Polyamide Castors, anchored to the cabinet’s structure, to ensure easy mobility over rough surfaces. For areas with grounds that are extremely rough, BAC Systems now offers an upgrade to 150mm Diameter Urethane Castors with an increased load-bearing capacity and a wider footprint for each castor.

BAC Single Drawer Locks ensure that your drawers will never come open unless you want them to. BAC Cabinets, with Single Drawer Locks, have been shocked tested, so you know that you can rely on the integrity of a BAC Tooltrolley, even when it is being transported across the roughest roads.

With so many new features and upgrades available for the range, a BAC Tooltrolley rightly retains its reputation as an enviable piece of equipment for every workplace. To view a BAC Tooltrolley, please contact our BAC Systems Sales Team on +61 2 9832 2777