Dust Control Cabinets With Curtains

Dust curtain cabinets

BAC A Module Length and Width Dimensions Diagram

BAC Dust Control Cabinets incorporate the patented BAC Dust Control Drawer system beneath some shelves, which are protected with a clear PVC Dust Curtain or a lockable door.

The BAC Dust Control Drawer is a partitioned drawer sealed with an embedded dust shield. When a drawer in a particular module is opened, its displacement sucks air and dust into the cabinet. This dust settles downwards onto the drawer below. The BAC Dust Shield protects the contents of the lower drawer from this dust.

This innovative dust-free storage solution is recognised worldwide as the benchmark solution for warehouses where active contamination control measures are required.

Top Curtain Dust Control Cabinets are available in heights of 2100mm and 2400mm.

BAC Standard Loading Diagrams "A" SERIES

Standard loading diagrams A Intro

Using BAC standard loading diagrams is a quick way to select frequently used configurations for subdividing drawers. They are specified at the time of order and are fitted at the factory to have the drawers ready for loading on delivery. All partitioning material is also available individually for customer installation (see page A1.20 + A1.21 for details).Standard loading diagrams A 1Standard loading diagrams A 2