M Mobile Workbench

BAC "M" Series Mobile Workbenches

The M Mobile Workbench is a mobile workbench with drawers that extend the full height of the unit. The M Mobile Workbench has adequate storage for a large set of tools to complement the heavy duty work surface on top. The durable polyamide or urethane castors provide smooth mobility and large loading capacity. This sturdy mobile workbench is suitable for most industries, including teaching laboratories, defence facilities and manufacturing maintenance workshops.

The M Series Mobile Workbench is large enough to contain a full set of tools but not large enough to provide too much storage for the general engineer. Plant Managers trying to find a mobile workbench with a decent storage capacity, but who are worried about providing too much storage such that rubbish begins to build up should consider the BAC M Series Mobile Workbench as the prime example of effective workplace layout. Available in three different lengths, the M Series Mobile Workbench can be fitted with a custom set of drawers to suit your functional needs.

M mobile workbench