Mobile Workstation

BAC Mobile Workstations

The BAC Mobile Workstation is a mobile workbench combined with modular drawers and cupboards beneath the length of the benchtop. Using all the available space beneath the benchtop creates a genuine mobile storage unit that is just as useful in a warehouse as it is in a workshop.

BAC Mobile Workstations combine BAC Storage Modules in different combinations to create a modular workbench that is customised to the user’s requirements. These workstations are available in three lengths and benchtop depths of either 600 or 800mm. Choose one of the quality benchtops from our wide range to complete your customised mobile work unit. A BAC Mobile Workstation is a heavy-duty system that can be configured for any industry or application, such as a portable student workbench with storage, a mechanical tear down bench, a maintenance trolley, or even a builder’s gang box.

mobile workstation