High Density Storage Modules

The BAC High Density Storage Modules encompass BAC’s signature range of full-height Warehouse Storage Cabinets. Parts stores and warehouses are greatly enhanced with this sturdy range of Warehouse Shelving and Industrial Drawer Storage. Introducing the BAC High Density Storage Modules into your warehouse will save you space while increasing your efficiency as the BAC parts storage drawers are arguably one of the fastest systems for part picking.

Each BAC Storage Module in the high density drawers range can be configured with modular shelving and parts drawers to suit your particular inventory. This is particularly convenient for small parts storage as inventories regularly change. With adjustable drawer dividers and dividable shelves, the BAC warehouse cabinets will greatly reduce your storage footprint, especially when compared with conventional warehouse bins on shelves, while maintaining the ease with which parts are located.

BAC Dust Control Modules are the smart solution for Dust Free Storage. BAC Dust Control Drawers are a refined solution to the complex dust management problem. These small parts storage drawers are covered and sealed by a steel shield protecting the parts within from the settling dust. Similarly, items on shelves can be protected through the addition of the transparent dust curtains. These key features prevent the need for the costly parts cleaning required for components stored in parts bins on shelves. BAC systems Dust control complies with Caterpillar's exacting 5 star contamination control requirements, making them mandatory in various Caterpillar dealer's workshops and parts stores.