EL Workbench

Workbenches "EL" Series

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The BAC EL Workbench is configured as a Technician’s Workbench, combining a benchtop with a fixed shelf over and modular drawer storage beneath. This configuration gives a technician ample space for scopes and scanners above the surface of the benchtop, tools and spares in the drawers beneath the bench top, and space to place their legs when sitting at the bench. Full bench space is available for use.

Technicians from different industries require different configurations. The BAC EL Series Workbench caters for these. Under bench Drawer Storage Cabinets can either be 720mm, 840mm or 1020mm in height to cater for the ergonomic requirements of the technician. The partitions within the precision drawers can be adjusted to suit the equipment inventory. The workbench can be fitted with such optional features as lighting, power ducts and vices. For electrostatically protected environments, the BAC EL Series can be fitted with an antistatic mat and a grounding kit with user wrist-strap.

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Benchtop Options

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