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Workbenches "M" Series

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The BAC M Series workbench is a good “all-rounder”, fitted with enough storage to hold a basic set of tools and a sturdy benchtop. BAC Modular Tool Drawers are used, with cabinets either being 720mm, 840mm or 1020mm in height as required. The cabinets are made from heavy gauge Australian steels and the drawers roll on precision bearings. The drawer heights and the internal drawer partitioning can all be configured to suit the user’s stock.

BAC M Series Workbenches have been supplied regularly to every industry. They are flexible and practical and look tidy in any workshop environment. Users can select a benchtop from BAC’s large range, and can be fitted with custom features, such as a vice, adjustable shelving above the benchtop, power ducting and antistatic mats. Whether you are a defence technician, a mechanic, a sheet metal fabricator, or a technical college workshop facilitator, the BAC M Series Bench with have you working efficiently.

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Benchtop Options

benchtop options