BAC Art Rack Enhances Regional Galleries

, byFabio Camatti

Bac Systems Storage Solutions for Art Galleries and Museums

Bac Systems Storage Solutions for Art Galleries and Museums

BAC Systems has been supplying innovative and robust storage solutions to galleries and museums around the Asia-Pacific region for many decades now. Our large plan drawers and artefact display drawers are well known. Recently, we have expanded our storage range to include a modular Art Frame storage system for framed paintings, and this product is meeting with approval from our customer.

In November of 2019, the Eade Gallery in a town called Clyde in the Central Otago region of NZ, installed a bay of BAC Art Rack in their regional gallery to hold their overflow of prints and paintings. The Clyde Gallery displays and sells artworks produced by local talents, including paintings and prints, glass sculptures, jewellery and metal craft. Their regional gallery is not large, but they desired to hold more paintings and photographs to meet the different tastes and needs of their customers, being proud that they can have something for everyone. Rex and Melanie Eade approached BAC Systems to find a system that will fit into their tight space requirements, but still have plenty of storage and the ability to easily display their artworks.

BAC System provided its BAC Art Rack solution which stands independent of the ceiling above and displays over 30m² of artworks on a footprint of only 3.1m². The retractable storage racks pull-out smoothly on large roller bearings and rails of high-yield-strength steel. The paintings are mounted to the mesh frame using BAC’s custom dedicated artwork clamps, called display holders, which secure artworks to the mesh without causing damage or permitting any movement.

This system is perfect for a small or a regional gallery as it is cost-effective and contains its structure. Large galleries can also benefit from this system as it has modular layouts, can be changed to suit changes in your artwork inventory, and can be assembled independently of your building structure.

To find out more about the BAC Art Rack System, BAC’s range of huge plan drawers, or any of our other products that could enhance your gallery or museum, please contact our Technical Sales Team.

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Eade Art Gallery, Central Otago - NZ