BAC Drawer Storage Cabinets awarded Golden Design Award

Since the receipt of its first Australian International Design Award thirty years ago, in 1981, BAC Systems has been committed to the constant refinement and updating of its awarded range of storage systems and drawer modules.

gold design award logo

gold design award logo

Now administered by Good Design Australia, the Design Awards are highly respected symbols that provide consumer confidence that the product has been assessed to a high level by an independent panel of experts. These internationally recognised symbols "represent excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation — the cornerstones of good design" (Good Design Australia, 2011).

BAC Systems’ process of innovation sees new products being released every year to keep up with the changing demands of modern workplaces and storage solutions. These world-class innovations are protected in Australia and in select overseas markets with seven currently registered patents and three further patents pending. This commitment to research and development has seen BAC Systems being awarded the Golden Design Award representing a pinnacle of excellence that only three companies in Australia have achieved at the time of presentation.

BAC Systems’ commitment to Australian innovation is realised by the use of the finest high-yielding Australian steel, including materials made exclusively for BAC Systems to provide long-lasting heavy-duty products. The BAC range of products are 100% Australian made, 100% Australian owned and are recognised as a premier example of Australian manufacturing. For further information, please contact the BAC Systems on +61 2 9832 2777