BAC Equipment Used to Refit Pureform Golf Workshop and Store

BAC Systems is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of customisable modular workbenches and storage systems.

Pureform Golf workshop and Store

Pureform Golf workshop and Store

Recently, BAC Systems outfitted the workshops and stores of Pureform Golf, one of Australia’s leading providers of customised golf equipment.

Pureform Golf is well known for using different heads, handles and grips to provide a set of golf clubs customised to suit a particular person’s game. Using its in-store scanning technologies, it can determine which of its components to use to provide the optimal equipment for each individual. This system is very similar to the way that a BAC Modular Workbench or High Density Storage System layout is determined.

BAC Technical Sales Representatives visited the Pureform workshops to measure, survey and consult with the workers on their functional requirements. Using our extensive range of partitioned drawers, durable benchtops, and modular shelving, The BAC Team devised a customised workshop layout with space saving storage locations for all of the handles, grips, club heads and tools required.

To arrange for a BAC Technical Sales Representative to conduct a site survey and provide you with a customised workshop or storage solution, contact us or call us on 02 9832 2777.