BAC Modular Workplace Systems and Drawer Storage Modules at NMW 2011

BAC systems will be displaying its multi design-award winning range of modular workplace and storage equipment at the NMW in Melbourne. Known for its sturdy construction and practical functionality, BAC workplace and storage equipment continues to raise the industry standard.

codelock cabinet being unveiled at NMW 2011

codelock cabinet being unveiled at NMW 2011

This year BAC systems will arrive with the latest addition, it’s fully keyless, electronically code locked BAC drawer storage cabinets.

BAC drawer storage systems will be the feature in this year’s display, demonstrating the important shift in the industry from 2-dimensional shelf storage to the space-saving 3-dimensional drawer storage. The high-quality materials used, combined with the clean lines of the BAC high-density drawer storage modules will compliment any workplace, and storage layouts, having applications in the defence, health, automotive, education, manufacturing and the mining industries.

BAC supplies a wide range of different workbench surfaces, catering for all industries. BAC workbenches are solid and are designed to combine with the BAC high-density drawer storage modules to create a complete workplace or storage system with functionality and durability.

Also featured at this year’s NMW will be the popular BAC tool trolleys and the award winning BAC Rack storage system. This year’s displays will demonstrate the strength, customisability, and functionality of the BAC modular systems. Our sales team will be able to help you customise your system, and our dedicated design team provide a complimentary 3D modelling service.