BAC Steel Workbenches Provide Functionality and Safety through the Little Details

It is a joy to be able to work with equipment that is well made. This is a fact with which we all agree as our industrial culture has elevated “Reliability” to the status of being a virtue.

workbench with high density drawers

workbench with high density drawers

One is assured by clean lines, well-fitting pieces, smooth operation, and that “solid” feeling when you place your hand on the equipment. A BAC Workbench not only can produce all of these assurances, but it actually lives up to them, providing generations of flawless functionality.

BAC mobile workbench, in sasgar workshopBAC Benchtops are the industry benchmark, being solid and versatile. Our range of steel BAC Workbenches provides options for general and heavy engineering workplaces. A 40mm timber core is bonded inside the steel exterior offering resistance to deformation and an effective noise damping system to counteract the loud clang made by dropping tools onto a steel surface.

A safety concern with steel benchtops has always been that workers who grip the front of the benchtop to lean against it will risk slicing their hands on the edge of the steel sheet. The BAC solution to this recurrent problem is the addition of an extra return underneath the front of the benchtop, extending the steel beneath the timber core, thus presenting a completely smooth edge for workers to handle.

To resist dangerous spills in wet-labs and oily workshops, BAC Systems can supply a stainless steel BAC Workbench with its unique “Wet-Edge” system. The BAC Wet-Edge is a raised incline around the edge of the BAC Benchtop that combines with the natural surface tension of the fluid to resist the benchtop spill cascading onto the floor. The BAC Wet-Edge is completely smooth, being neither a discomfort nor a hindrance to the worker.

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