BAC Workbenches and Flightline Toolboards Feature in Westrac’s Newcastle New Facility

Westrac, one of Australia’s largest Distributors of Caterpillar Plant, has just recently opened its latest purpose built facility at Tomago NSW to cater for all of its operations in the Newcastle region.

flightline toolboard at westrac

flightline toolboard at westrac

With acres of specialty service workshops, Westrac has again turned to BAC Systems for quality Workbench and Tool Storage Solutions.

BAC Workbenches are built with durability and safety in mind. The Heavy Duty Steel Benchtops supplied to Westrac have a 40mm timber core to minimise impact noise, and the steel has an extra folded return at the front to protect users from steel edges. The units are fitted with bracing bars for added stability and have been fitted with BAC Toolrack Panels on top of the Benchtop for individual tool displaying.

Communal Tools are stored in BAC Flightline Toolboards. These units have an incredible 7.4m² of Toolrack Panels, complete with a large selection of specialty Toolclips, Partitioning Posts and Toolrack Pegs. A large quantity of communal tools can be stored in location between a cluster of service bays. When the bays aren’t in use, they can easily be locked away behind a transparent roller shutter. This system ensures that workers don’t have to lose valuable work time walking across the vast distance of the workshop to check-out a communal tool from a centralised tool store.

The addition of the BAC Workbenches and Flightline Toolboards compliments the nature of the Westrac Workshop, lending to a clean and efficient work environment. To find out more on how BAC can customise workshop and storage solutions, please contact our Technical Sales Team on +61 2 9832 2777