BAC Workbenches Helping to Train Our Future Engineers and Technicians

BAC Workbenches are renowned for their strength and durability, and when combined with a modular BAC Drawer Storage Cabinet efficient and functional workspaces are created. Engineering and manufacturing companies around Australia have recognised this and have readily implemented BAC Workplace Solutions in their facilities.

Daramalan College Canberra 01

Daramalan College Canberra 01

With Industry adopting BAC as the benchmark in workplace systems, it was only natural that Technical Colleges and Universities would also look at BAC Workplace Systems in order to give their students a true experience of what to expect in industry. Accordingly, over the last three decades, such trade centres have worked with BAC Technical Staff to develop state of the art workshops and laboratories. Recently, this has included the Automotive Training Centre at Ultimo TAFE, the Electrical and Environmental Engineering Departments at UTS, the Painting and Decorating Department of the Hunter Institute of TAFE and the TAFE South Australia Tonsley Park amalgamated facility.

It is not only at a Tertiary level that BAC Systems works with trainers of our future engineers and technicians. Amongst the many Trade Training Centres at the secondary level, BAC has recently worked closely with the TAS department of Daramalan College in the ACT to provide suitable engineering workbenches for the wood-work, metal-work and automotive departments.

TAS coordinator, David Kurthi, favours BAC workbenches for their durability. “They’re unbreakeable,” claims Kurthi, “and you know they will be as good in ten years time.” Kurthi worked closely with the BAC Technical team over the duration of the project to ensure that the benches supplied were configured to suit each particular discipline. The resulting benches had custom drawer configurations and sturdy vices and the teachers appreciate how they make classes easy to operate.

To find out how BAC Workbenches can improve your training facility, please don’t hesitate to contact the BAC Technical team on 02 9832 2777.