BAC Workstations and Tooltrolleys – Supporting Growth in Australian Motorsport

Australia’s long-standing appreciation for motor sport has elevated many classes of racing to a high-pressure culture of elite teams striving for success.

triple f racing team

triple f racing team

The BAC Systems range of Workstations and Tooltrolleys have played a role in the advancement of the sport through innovative storage solutions that meet the always-changing requirements of these teams. A BAC Tooltrolley is a familiar site to a mechanic in a professional team, not only because many garages on the pit lane use them, but also because many mechanics were trained in workshops equipped with BAC.

For many years BAC Systems has been supplying BAC Tooltrolleys and BAC Workstations to racing teams of all classes. In the 2011 V8 Supercar season, BAC Systems supported the Triple F Racing team for the team’s third year. BAC Systems supplied the Triple F garage on the Gold Coast with a series of BAC Mobile Service Trolleys to support the team mechanics with a durable, yet flexible, system for storing their tools and spares. These mobile work-surfaces have offered the team flexibility, especially during racing weekends when the team needs to relocate its equipment to an unknown garage.

Mechanics for High-Performance race teams need to undergo much training to hone their skills in order to perform in the high-pressure environment. A more specialised approach to this training is now being offered by the Andy Goodall Training school in Victoria. The school is equipped with BAC Systems Workstations combined with BAC High Density Drawer Storage Modules to ensure that trainees have the best possible start. As BAC Workstations are modular, they have been correctly configured to satisfy the teaching requirements of the Andy Goodall Training school whilst still reflecting the reality of a professional workshop.

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