Dust Control Drawers for Spare Parts Storage

One of the most critical aspects in ensuring spare parts remain pristine is the protection of sensitive items from dust and other contaminants.

dust control storage solution

dust control storage solution

BAC Systems has long provided the Drawer of choice for spare parts storage, housed within varied configurations of BAC Storage Modules. New innovations now lift BAC Systems' Dust Control Drawers to an entirely new level. This constant drive towards product refinement exemplifies why BAC Systems is a holder of Standards Australia's Golden Design Award.

The need for Dust Control Drawers arises from the small amount of dust residue that can remain in a Drawer in even the cleanest of workplaces. As the Drawer is closed, these particles repeatedly move and settle, ultimately leading to a built-up residue and compromised spare parts. The unique features of the BAC Dust Control System have been embraced by mines around the world and have led to the use of these Drawers and Modules in a number of the World's leading equipment companies.

The latest innovations see an upgrade to an improved Dust Shield material, along with a redesign to the mechanism of operation between the Shield and Drawer to reduce friction. This improvement to resistance from the Shield allows the BAC Dust Control Drawer to operate almost as smoothly as the standard BAC Drawer with no compromise to contamination control. All innovations are designed by the in-house BAC Systems technical team and are patent-protected where applicable.

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