Finning (Canada) chooses BAC Hose Storage

BAC Systems Hose Storage Solution – Finning (Canada)

BAC Systems Hose Storage Solution – Finning (Canada)

Long recognised as a leader in small part storage, BAC Systems is now also gaining recognition as a leader in high-density storage for Hydraulic Hoses. With a focus on bringing as much hose as possible to the point-of-use, the BAC Hose storage range is our latest unique approach to high-density storage.  Following its release a few years ago that saw local hydraulic hose shops adopt the new system, the product has now caught international attention, with BAC Hose Drawers being sold to customers in both Russia and Canada.

Finning, the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, who is based in Canada, recently upgraded their hose shop to include BAC Hose Reel Drawers and BAC Hose Bundle Shelving. The BAC Hose Reel Drawers come in various configurations – Finning chose drawers that could each hold 2 of their wider reels,  though the drawers can also be configured to hold three of a narrower spool if desired. This system ensures that you can have a shallow wall of hose reels, easily accessible to the worker who cuts the hose. The fact that these are stored on a drawer which can be opened means that replacing empty reels is easy, either manually or with a crane or forklift.

Bac Systems Storage Solutions for Hoses - Red Cabinet

BAC Systems Hose Reel Drawers – Finning (Canada)

BAC Systems Hose Bundle Shelving – Finning (Canada)

BAC Hose Bundle shelving is designed to hold your bundles of large diameter, high-tension hoses that can’t be coiled up tightly enough for the BAC Hose Drawer with a turntable (an additional solution not featured in this article). The bundles stand vertically in their predefined locations. The trough-shaped shelf prevents them from rolling back into the aisleway. Hoses bundles are stored at ground level for ergonomic reasons, which leaves you shelving above for spares and consumable bulk storage.

Finning appreciates the way that the BAC Hose Storage Solutions make it quick to replace spent hoses and to get access to your stock. It is easy to define locations for particular hose types, and this has provided them with better order and prevents them from making mistakes of hose misidentification.

As with all of BAC’s high-density storage solutions, the BAC Hose Storage range is modular and can be configured in many different ways. To find out how a BAC Hose Storage solution can enhance the productivity of your hose shop, please please contact our Technical Sales Team.