Tool Storage Convenience with BAC Panel

, by Fabio Camatti

BAC Mobile Tool Carrier

BAC Mobile Tool Carrier

The tool display systems offered as part of the BAC Panel range, combining flexible tool storage options with convenience and security has never been easier.

BAC Systems is known for manufacturing Australian-made steel storage solutions, with world-class design in industrial high-density drawer storage and modular workbench systems. The BAC Systems range now includes one of the most flexible tool board systems available. In keeping with the modular spirit of the BAC range, there are many options and ways to apply the new BAC Panel range.

For most applications, the BAC Panel is designed to be configured as a BAC Wall Rack, where it can be used in a pegboard manner. The BAC Wall Rack is manufactured with perforated steel panels that are mounted vertically to a wall using a polymeric mounting bracket. This mounting bracket is modular, allowing you to easily add additional panels either vertically or horizontally, with perfect alignment.

In addition, BAC Systems provides a wide range of accessories to help you store your tools on the BAC Panel. The accessories range includes a series of PVC toolbars designed to store specific tools, such as sockets, screwdrivers, spanners, and 6mm drive bits. BAC Systems also offers a vast selection of posts, pegs, hooks and pins, so that you have a flexible approach, and tools of any size and shape can have a safe and secure mounting option.

It is not every workshop that has a suitable wall for mounting a pegboard, for which the BAC Toolrack has been designed. The BAC Toolrack is made up of a BAC Panel mounted on Toolrack Supports, with steel mounting brackets that allow you to mount the panel on top of a workbench or tool carrier. The gentle lean-back angle of the Toolrack supports means that, when rolling your BAC Tool Carrier across the workshop, your tools won’t swing or slide off their hooks.

For large workshops where security is an issue, BAC offers both fixed tool cabinets and mobile Flightline Toolboards. BAC Flightline Toolboards were developed in conjunction with the RAAF many decades ago, but have gained popularity in many industries and have become recognised as a storage category in their own right. The BAC Flightline Toolboard offers the most remarkable storage capacity on the market, at 7.4m², and combines a single or double-sided BAC Toolrack within a mobile cabinet with see-through industrial roller doors.

BAC Wall Rack

BAC Wall Rack Panels

BAC Systems has made owning your own BAC Panel system easier than ever, establishing an e-commerce site for the purchase of BAC Wall Rack kits and accessories. Visit to view or range and make your purchase.

Whether you wish for a simple wall-mounted toolboard, a mobile tool carrier, or a highly secure tool display storage unit, BAC Systems has a flexible solution for you. Please contact our Technical Sales Team for assistance in choosing a solution from our range, or visit our website – 

BAC Flightline Toolboard

BAC Flightline Toolboard