William Adams Chooses BAC for its Bulk Hose Storage

BAC Hydraulic Hose Storage at William Adams

BAC Hydraulic Hose Storage at William Adams

William Adams, part of the Caterpillar dealership network, is a premier supplier of heavy construction machinery and equipment across Victoria and Tasmania. With 15 locations across the region they maintain a massive fleet of Caterpillar Vehicles. William Adams recently engage BAC Systems, the award-winning manufacturer of industrial storage equipment, to provide a storage solution for its inventory of heavy-duty hydraulic hoses.

The William Adams Hose Shop at their Clayton facility stored 165 different types of hose with nominal bores of quarter inch up to two inch. The new hose shop was designed to house 44 of these hose types in a ready-to-use storage solution that kept the hoses in order and allowed easy access. By this solution, the team at William Adams intended to work to the ambitious target of having a hose ready within one hour of purchase.

BAC Systems offers different solutions for each different element of the hose shop. For smaller bore hoses on reels / drums, the BAC Solution is a large drawer fitted with rollers that allow a user to draw the hose off the reel, cutting off what is needed. For hoses with a medium-sized bore, supplied in a loose bundle, a turntable with clamping plates top and bottom is used to wind these hoses up, and then to allow them to be unwound so that the required length of hose can be cut off. Both of these unique drawers save time and keep hoses in easy reach.

BAC Hose-Reel Drawer

BAC Hydraulic Hose-Reel Drawer

For larger hoses that are so high-tension that they need to be stored in a tied-up bundle, BAC has develop a shelving system that allows these hoses to be stored standing up on the edge of the bundle in a trough-shaped shelf that prevents it from rolling away.

BAC can also supply high density drawers to store all of the hydraulic fittings in the smallest footprint possible, as well as heavy duty shelving with shelf separators to create storage zones for completed hose jobs. With all of these solutions, BAC Systems will have your hose shop in order and running faster than ever.

To have a BAC Technical Sales Representative visit your hose shop to devise a solution for you, please contact the team at bacsales@bacsystems.com.au